Within the framework of the international cooperation program, specialists from Tajikistan undergo a full cycle of probation in the Exclusion Zone.

From September 4 till September 28, 2017, within the framework of the Technical Cooperation Program with the IAEA, employees of the State Institution “Radioactive Waste Disposal Point” (SI “RWDP”) from the city of Dushanbe (Tajikistan) are trained in the Central Analytical Laboratory (CAL) of the 2nd class on the characterization of radioactive wastes, which is part of the SSE “Ecocentre”.

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Specialists of the SE “COTIS” have passed joint Ukrainian-American command-and-staff emergency response training at the state level

From September 5 to 7, 2017, a joint Ukrainian-American command-and-staff training on responding to a state-level emergency associated with a radiation accident in a separate unit of “Zaporizhzhya NPP” of the SE “NNEGC” Energoatom”, took place in the crisis center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES of Ukraine) in Kyiv, which was attended by specialists of the State Enterprise “Center for Organizational, Technical and Information Support of the Exclusion Zone” (SE “COTIS”), which belongs to the sphere of management of SAUEZM.

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Temporary fire works at the industrial site of SSE “Chornobyl NPP” are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory documents

In the framework of the implementation of the construction of a new safe confinement (NSC) and its commissioning, rescuers of the 11th State Fire and Rescue Detachment (Chornobyl) (11 SFRD) are constantly monitoring the implementation of temporary fireworks at the industrial site of SSE “Chornobyl NPP”.

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The military unit protecting the Chornobyl NPP received a Battle flag

On the occasion of the Independence Day, the military unit 3041, guarding the Chornobyl NPP, was awarded the honorary Military Flag. Yuriy Allerov, the commander of the National Guard of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General, solemnly handed one of the thirty flags to the commander of the military unit 3041. Among all the military units protecting the nuclear power plants of Ukraine, the honor of obtaining the Battle flag was awarded only to the military part of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

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In the Exclusion Zone, a ringed black stork that previously traveled to the Czech Republic, Israel and Romania was spotted

Specialists of the Ukrainian Center for the Study of Carnivorous Birds, during the surveillance of birds in the Exclusion Zone, took photo of a black stork (Ciconia nigra), which was sitting on an electric pillar. In a detailed review of the photos, a ring with a number on the stork’s foot was noticed. Employees of the center made a request to the Ukrainian Center for the Ringing of Birds of the Institute of Zoology named after І.І. Shmalgauzen of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and subsequently received a reply from colleagues from the Czech Republic.

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With the financial support of the European Commission, the special combines of the SC “Radon” received part of the equipment for emergency brigades

In July 2017, within the framework of the “Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation Programme (INSC)” – “Emergency response equipment at the special combines of the State Corporation “Radon” and for remediation of radioactive waste storage sites Part II, funded by the European Commission, a part of the equipment for emergency brigades was delivered to the special combines of the State Corporation “UkrSA “Radon”.

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Within the framework of international cooperation, the locations of the posts of radiation monitoring have been determined on the site of the SSE “Kyiv SISC”

Within the framework of the project “Integrated automated system of radiation monitoring of the environment at state specialized enterprises of the State Corporation “Ukrainian State Association “Radon”, from July 24 to July 28, 2017, representatives of the contracting company “NOVIA a.s.” (Czech Republic) visited SSE “Kyiv SISC”.

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